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  • Stepper Motor in Packing Machine
    Time:2015-01-05 11:47  Author:VRJ  Browse:
    Electrical power pulse signal will be entered into angular displacement or displacement the central line control components.
    That means when stepper driver receives a pulse signal, stepper motor will circle a preset orientation.
    There are three main characteristics of stepper motor. First, it is good overloading. Its rotate speed is not influenced by load,
    unlike common motor, when the load is large, the speed will reduce, so stepper motor is suitable in special situation that is
    restrict to speed and angular. Second it is convenient  to control. Stepper motor is rotary as per stepper, digital features are
    obvious, and the development of computer improves the development of stepper motor. The last, it is simple structure. Traditional
    motors are so complicated that they are hard to adjust. When stepper motor occurs, the structure is simple.
    It is a new start that stepper motor is applied to packing machinery. Many old equipments  can use stepper motor, now they are
    widely used in printing, filling, packing industries. Stepper motors ` technology are improved day by day, it believes that stepper
    motor will develop better and better, and improve the development of packing equipments.

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